Vehicle Engineering (MRO) , is a unit of MARA Liner Sdn. Bhd. (MLSB), which are crucial in helping the overall operation of MARA Liner buses in Malaysia. MRO engaged as a workshop commercial officially in October 2012 to make MARA Liner operations more efficient, effective, competitive and ultimately capable of penetrating foreign markets is growing.

MRO focused on the (3) key workshops and workshops assisted by other indigenous panel of skilled and high potential to strengthen the business activities of commercial workshops across Malaysia. In addition, the MROhas also in cooperation with leading suppliers such as Scania chassis, MAN, and HINO in sharing expertise, spare parts, technologies, and at the same time also be a panel workshop 2’S for them . 

Workshops MRO is meant is: –

MRO has more than 30 experts who are trained in three workshops is capable of providing the best service to our customers, especially in matters of vehicle repair.