The background OF myBAS Perlis regarding public transportation bus. Under the National Malaysia Mission (RMK -10) Core 5 the main objectives under the National Key Result Area (NKRA) is based on improved access of basic infrastructure such as public services transportations facilities.

Through enforcement of Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) program Bus Service Transformation is created to help retain the services of stage buses and at the same time the service will provide bus stage to urban and rural areas so that the quality of life and productivity of local people will be improved.Thereby this program must go through strict KPIs set by SPAD such as punctuality, vehicle specifications and user satisfaction which must be accomplished by MARA Liner.

The myBAS operations in Kangar which commenced on 1st August 2015 have received positive response with an increase in daily ridership from 271 to 447 passengers . The new myBAS service offers wider coverage in Kangar with a total route distance of 337 km, an increase from 124 km previously . This provides better access to urban and rural communities with the implementation of 5 trunk and 10 feeder routes. 

For selected routes,the frequency has been doubled while the operational trunk routes service hours have been extended till 9.00 pm. This includes the main trunk service line from Kangar to Arau which will operate at a frequency of every 30 minutes